2009 : Birgit Ulher

2009 : Birgit Ulher

Birgit Ulher, Scaniaparken, Malmö.

2009 : Birgit Ulher

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As always, I have spent this year working on new sounds. I have been using metal foils that split the sounds of the trumpet into noisy multiphonics. This is a similar way of working with certain responding materials that is also explored intensely by Nordzucker, although in very individual variations.

I have also worked a lot with radio noises, which is documented on my latest solo CD Radio Silence No More, on Olof Bright. I use various small speakers – which are fed by a radio – in my trumpet mutes. In other words, the trumpet functions as a transmitter and receiver at the same time. The same concept is used in my duo with Gregory Büttner, who projects his electronics into these small speakers/mutes. In both projects, the trumpet functions as an acoustic resonance chamber that modulates the electronic as well as the radio sounds.

Another electronic project that I have worked with this year is “Granular Fields”, a piece created together with Jacob Sello. In this piece the trumpet is the source for an environment developed by Sello, but it also has sensory attachments that makes it possible for me to control the electronic sounds by touching the sensors or just by slightly moving the trumpet. By touch I may also start new programs, which means that I can play with all the things. We presented “Granular Fields” several times this year, notably at the Ahornfelder Festival in Leipzig, and what I like about this project is that it has a perfect balance between control and the unpredicted.

I have realized that certain things also have been happening quite regularly over the last few years. Like the concerts with my duo partner Gino Robair in various parts of Europe and San Francisco (our second CD Blips and Ifs was released in the beginning of the year on Rastascan) and my concerts with Heddy Boubaker, which mostly took place in Germany and France, for instance at this years Densité-festival.

Moreover, there are of course my concerts with Nordzucker and Gene Coleman. Nordzucker actually has a new member since only a few months ago. Besides the regular “cubes”, Michael Maierhof, Lars Scherzberg and me, Chris Heenan is added on contrabass clarinet. He fits very well in the group. Besides that I have also been on a tour to Israel, playing with the American bassist Damon Smith, Ariel Shibolet and the Israeli ensemble Tanaka. This was actually my second tour to Israel, a country with the most imaginable contradictions I have ever been to. The result was released earlier this year on Yclept, a CD on Smith’s label Balance Point Acoustic.

I have also played a lot in Berlin. Since the scene for improvised music is not that big in Hamburg, I quite often work and play together with musicians from Berlin. In Hamburg we (the PGAM-Projektgruppe Aktuelle Musik) has started a new series of concerts at the Hörbar, called “stark bewölkt”. In this series we intend to present composed, electronic and improvised music, not by mixing the genres but by presenting them at the same concert.

Birgit Ulher

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