2010: Maja Ratkje

2010: Maja Ratkje

Photo from Crepuscular Hour, photo by Lasse Marhaug who was performing on the gallery. Singers and musicians were surrounding the audience, this shows only one of the sides. Light was quite spectacular.

2010: Maja Ratkje

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some highlights 2010, from the top of my head:

My kids; discovering the Sardinian Nuraghi; hearing the last chord of my hour long work Crepuscular Hour for three choirs, six noise musicians and church organ; Festival Meteo, Mushouse; people in Wroclaw, Poland; Bad Bonn with Stephen O'Malley; Ikue Mori; Truge; Jan Håfstrøm's gigantic mushrooms; making installations and origami cranes with Kathy Hinde and English school kids at Snape Maltings; outdoors blast in Bergen with Desibel, 'the green horn'; Andreas Borregaard's debut concert in Copenhagen; the trailer for Voice, the movie; finally in the process of making new home pages, published very soon.

6 Recommended Norwegian releases 2010:

Bjørn Fongaard: Elektrofoni 3CD/1DVD Box-Set. Prisma Records.
SEKSTETT (Gjerstad, Skaset, Grenager, Tafjord, Mølstad, Moe). Conrad Sound.
Gjertruds Sigøynerorkester: Mazurka - Remaking Chopin. Lawo.
Marianne Beate Kielland & Sergej Osadchuk: Come Away Death. 2L.
Stian Westerhus: Pitch Black Star Spangled. Rune Grammofon.
Unni Boksasp Ensemble: Keramello. Øra Fonogram.

Maja Ratkje - Voice

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