2011: Burkhard Beins

2011: Burkhard Beins

2011: Burkhard Beins

Publicerad: tors, 2011-12-15 15:45

The first half of this year saw me busy doing extremely detailed editorial work for our book Echtzeitmusik – Self-Defining A Scene (Wolke Verlag) which finally came out in late August. Very pleased with the results once we were holding the printed book in our hands my co-editors Andrea Neumann, Christian Kesten and me organised a book-release party at Berlin’s ausland in early September involving live-readings by some of the authors, but also video readings which had been sent to us from abroad by Greg Malcolm, Toshimaru Nakamura and Adeline Rosenstein. The evening was rounded off nicely by Sven-Åke Johansson’s Cool Quartett playing several sets of great dance music.

Albeit being pretty absorbed by the book my own musical activities didn’t entirely ceased to exist this year. Next to performing solo and on several occasions with Activity Center, MEK, Trio Sowari, Polwechsel, Rhythm Complication, Perlonex, and many other projects, I was very glad to also be able to work on two new versions of Adapt/Oppose, a graphic sign system I have started using to coordinate musical group interaction: first with a group of Swiss musicians at Batteries Festival in Geneva in April and then again in August with a large ensemble of young French musicians in a workshop I was leading at the Metéo Festival, Mulhouse. In the latter festival we also had the chance to invite Jerome Noetinger for doing the live-treatments of our quartet Berlin Sound Connective - Thomas Ankersmit, Ignaz Schick, Clayton Thomas and me – a long aspirated ideal match!

In late November the monthly public rehearsals of our 24-piece Splitter Orchester culminated in a great Berlin performance. The musical and social evolution of the orchestra takes (maybe not always the easiest but nevertheless) very fascinating ways. We keep on aiming for nothing less than achieving the impossible: trying to develop somewhat consistent and formally satisfying pieces of music in real-time with such a large number of people neither pre-composing them nor allowing inflexible hierarchies to establish.

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