2011: Dan Fröberg

2011: Dan Fröberg

2011: Dan Fröberg

Publicerad: mån, 2011-12-12 11:15

Turned around.
Eyes on Mars. Black cat. Telepathic children.
I found the end.
Once a ghost, always a ghost.
Strange about the hands. Rooms behind your mind.
I believe in magic.
Whose shoulder are you looking over anyway?
Good to be around. As the world rises and falls.
We have passed away. You don´t remember?
Sleeping for years.
Death walks behind you.
Transparent day. In the courtyard of the stars.
You can try it.
What went wrong?
Black door. The narrow gate. Quiet before the storm.
Ghost in my heart.
Let it be you.
Night flash.The other sidewalk. Daily prayer.
Tomorrow has been cancelled.
Hear the trumpet call.
The clouds went my way. The left side of the green.
Some of them escaped it all.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
Do you love me?
Children of the absurd. Let´s live for today.
Ask the unicorn. Have you heard the wind speak?
Strange kind of magic.
It´s your life. Dead forever. Then came the light.
Hill of dreams. Riddles and fairytales. On the last ride.
Oh, all the gold and green eyes.
TV as eyes.
Bells within bells.
We´ve all gone to sleep. If the world should end in fire.
Unlock the door.
A shadow underneath. God´s shadow.
Song of the one.
Alien observer.
Yellow walls. Mosaic. Stone circle. Graveyard. Area three.
Three rings for eleven kings.
Digging up the roses.
The future won´t be long.
Tell everyone. Don´t lock back.
Dust of nothing. Book of angels.
Where do we go from here?
Gold is the ring.
Golden, golden.

(Ovanstående text är även titlar på några av de sånger jag levt med under året. Vidare har tre skivor spelats in, varav en; ett samarbete med Alexandra E. Lindh, presenteras i januari 2012. Tingens vilja. En annan, en lp, landar i februari. En tredje; pågående. Utställning och liv i Mexiko. Framträdanden. Rönnells. Möten. Fallgropar. Förvirring. Förvåning. Hänryckning. Swarmandala. Fröberg - Friz Be möter världen 2012. Med mera. Och så vidare.).

Dan Fröberg, Göteborg i december 2011.

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