2011: Eddie Prévost

2011: Eddie Prévost

2011: Eddie Prévost

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Musically, 2011 has in some ways been quiet. Not a great deal of visible activity. Looking back it feels like a period of development and consolidation. Some constants: the weekly London workshop gives encouragement for the future, with long-standing associates (like Seymour Wright, Ross Lambert and Sebastian Lexer) alongside newer generations of musicians — from all over the world. Our monthly Workshop Concert series continues at Cafe Oto extended our work into the pubic domain. In March, our first workshop related festival As Alike as Trees, at The Rag Factory in London. Here workshop musicians combined with guests: Christophe Schiller, Klaus Philip and Pascal Battus plus old friends from Paris, Hubbub. And: a rare London outing for AMM (John Tilbury and myself). A second As Alike as Trees is planned for 2012.

Also in March I persuaded old AMM colleague tenor saxophonist Lou Gare to make a two day residency at the ever-welcoming Cafe Oto. He played with SUM (an experimental jazz project (Lambert/Wright/Prévost) and with Jamie Coleman trumpet, Philip Somervell piano, Guillaume Viltard double bass and myself.

SUM went through the year playing mostly in private but with occasional outings to Ulrichsburg and Arch 1 (a new venue in London's West Ham district) and part of the series 'Meetings with Remarkable Saxophonists'. These ‘meetings’ featured Evan Parker, Harrison Smith, John Butcher, Seymour Wright, Jason Yarde and Bertrand Denzler, with myself on drum-kit joined by double-bass players John Edwards and Guillaume Viltard. These were recorded in a wonderfully surreal venue — The Network Theatre which is 'under' London's Waterloo railway station. The first two volumes for release (early in 2012 on Matchless) will be the concerts with Evan Parker and John Butcher. More will follow.

A strange interlude in September where I found in a 3 day British improvised music event (Not Just Cricket) at an ex-Hungarian cultural building in Berlin. The high point for me was playing with Lol Coxhill, who was in fine form.

As is usual these days, AMM outings tend to be special and often rare events. Apart for our As Alike as Trees performance we also gave a concert at The Purcell Room at London's South Bank Centre at the end of November. This was part of a celebration of the 30 anniversary of (our late colleague) Cornelius Cardew's death. It does not seem possible it was so long ago. Our music was perhaps unusually gritty, awkward, black and resolved. It seemed appropriate. It was recorded. I am curious to hear what we did.

CD releases on Matchless were few: my duets with violinist Jennifer Allum on Penumbrae and Hubbub's double CD Whobub were the only two releases. Much more will be released during 2012.

The year for me was dominated by the completion and publication of my third book: The First Concert - an Adaptive Appraisal of a Meta Music, Copula, 2011 (ISBN 978-0-9525492-5-3). Inspired by my long-standing work with AMM and 12 years of the London workshop, this is a view of music grounded in Darwinist conceptions of human nature. I try to mirror and meet the aspirations of a growing community who wish to engage with the world — with all its history and chance conditionals — by applying a freewill in making music that is creative and collegiate. How far I have succeeded only time will tell. After John Tilbury and I return from some concerts and recording in Warsaw there will be concert-cum-book launch event at Cafe Oto on Sunday 18 December, 2011. In this I will be joined by my old friend and great musical inspiration John Tilbury and two younger and much valued friends Seymour Wright and Jennifer Allum. Alongside this ensemble will be another, drawn from the workshop: Sebastian Lexer, Hutch Demoulpied, Tom Soloveitzik and Grundik Kasyansky.

Eddie Prévost — December 2011

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