2011: Erik Skodvin

2011: Erik Skodvin

Erik Skodvin i Portugal.

2011: Erik Skodvin

Publicerad: tors, 2011-12-15 20:54

2011 has been a very up and down year, but travel and music wise it has been a good one, and I want to focus on those things.

I played more great gigs this year than ever before, and had the pleasure of performing at festivals such as Roskilde, Unsound festival (NYC+Krakow), MadeiraDig, Node (Modena), Skanu Mesz (Riga), Alphaville (London) and more. Some of these could have been expected, though playing festivals like Roskilde with my Svarte Greiner project was especially strange, as I was lined up to play at the same time as PJ Harvey and Iron Maiden, making it so that in my tent, you could hear a mixture of the both at the same time as I played, since I had no sound check to check out-levels and obviously they had bigger sound systems than in the tent I was playing. A fun experience it was non the matter.

Anyhow, on to the musical year. Firstly I want to mention the records I released under my label Miasmah this year, as I feel this year has been the best Mia year for some time, with great new releases by Kreng & Simon Scott + fresh albums by Norwegian doom duo Juv and Belgian surrealist Kaboom Karavan. Seeing this year was also a big shift in distribution/production for Miasmah – leaving Baked Goods for Morr Music, and pretty much starting from scratch, it wasn’t always easy, but things are defiantly getting there.

Some of the best music I heard this year is from a combination of unknown music found while on holiday, things sent too me and stylistically very diverse things from all kinds of labels. I´ll start with a record found while on holiday in Portugal. The good folks over at Materia Prima was recommending this strange Portuguese experimental folk record (or how you would label it) with an amazing screen-print. It took me over half a year to properly interpret the actual name & title of the record, which I found out was !Calhau! - Quadrologia Pentacónica (Rafflesia). Incredible stuff in a weird mixture of styles. Worth tracking down.

Secondly, Miasmah friendly label sonic pieces that I also do web and some design for, released an amazing record by Hauschka & Hildur Gudnadottir called Pan Tone. Although Hauschka was never my fav, this collab makes the best of both parts and take it too the next level. Sonic pieces is also one of the best new labels out there merging amazing hand-made packaging with beautiful music.

I want to add my love for everything Mats Gustafsson, who appears on two of my top records this year. Being the new Fire! w/Jim O Rourke (Rune Grammofon) and the Akita / Gustafsson / O´Rourke – One Bird / Two Bird on Editions Mego. I guess I just can´t get enough screaming sax madness and as time goes by I get more and more attached to the sound of his horn. I wish Mats would play Berlin some times, as it seems like you have to go to London for this kind of thing.

Kranky released a hell of a lot of good records this year, and although I actually like them all, I will pin it down to the Implodes records & Belong as my favs from their stall from 2011. Especially the Implodes – Black Earth record is one of the best I heard in the noisey shoegaze/doom style for a good while. Incredibly beautiful.

The next thing on my list is the new David Lynch album Crazy Clown Time. Actually, funny story, as late last year I was on tour of Norway with Norwegian space disco artist Diskjokke (with band) – yes I know, strange combo, but it kind of worked! – and while we were in the middle of the tour, Joachim (Diskjokke) got a email from Lynch (or maybe it was from his label) asking him to do a remix. Not only had we no clue that Lynch was making any other music than some for his films, but imagine our surprise when we heard the track – being the up tempo good feeling “Good Day Today”. I was kind of shattered, but after one year later hearing the final album I can only state that the man cannot do wrong. Look away from the overly kitschy cover and title, and behind it you find some of the best skewed and alternative blues you can find.

As for the more hipster part of the year, I haven’t really gotten completely on board the whole synth revival/witch/††† trend, even though I guess I’ve been kind of working within similar styles both under Svarte Greiner & Miasmah. There is of course exceptions, and im sure there´s lots of them as I only heard little in the genre this year. The Haxan Cloak record is definatly a good contender for record of the year if any in the slightly Witchy style, and manages to stand well on it´s own feet, and I defiantly look forward to more from him in coming years.

Ok I’m going to wrap it up a bit here to avoid too long text. Other favorite releases this year comes from the following : The Caretaker, Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano, PJ Harvey, Kuedo, HTRK, Marsen Jules, KILLL, Clams Casino and a lot more that I’m leaving out for this time.

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