2011: Ian Nagoski

2011: Ian Nagoski

2011: Ian Nagoski

Publicerad: tors, 2011-12-15 08:51

Living nowadays in an isolated way, I was less involved in the active music world than I've been in 20 years. Here's some part of my soundworld this year:

I was genuinely delighted to hear this new stuff:

  • Harley Gaber's riveting & expansive In Memoriam 2010 on Innova Records, an incredible piece. RIP Harley.

  • The excavation work by 50 Miles of Elbow Room (Rev. Charlie Jackson's You Got to Move), Jon Ward (Opika Pende: Africa at 78 RPM), Mississippi Records (Nathan Salsburg's Alan Lomax series, In the Storm So Long, Street Music of Java, and all of the African/Madagascaran releases), Mike McGonigal (This May be the Last Time), and most especially the new Don't Trust Your Neighbors: Early Albanian Traditional Songs & Improvisations, 1920s-30s LP on the new Hinter Records label, compiled and restored by Chris King (who also compiled this year's Armede Ardoin set on Tompkins Square), design by Susan Archie, cover art by R. Crumb.

  • Unsettling and wonderful new music coming from Aaron Dilloway (Modern Jester 2LP on Hanson & a great live duo broadcast w/ Joseph Hammer), Carly Ptak (the baffling and beautifully presented Wonder Now LP on HereSee), and Angela Sawyer of Weirdo Records (notably the live 3" CDR by her squawk-fest band Duck That).

  • Josh Burkett's Mystery Train Records releases of crumbly, craggly, cobbly loner songsters and Rich Pell's Specific Recordings releases of sweeping, shining, psychedelic longer songsters.

  • good-spirited (and in-tune!) music by France's Arlt, the UK's The Family Elan, and Arizona's A Hawk and a Hacksaw.

Old stuff I spent a lot of time with:

  • Early- and mid-20th century Hindustani vocal music. After reading Namita Devidayal's absolutely wonderful book The Music Room, I'm a raving fan of Kesarbai Kersar in particular. Best of the best. (and RIP Pt. Bhimsen Joshi).

  • The equivalent of bluegrass for the boozy descendants of northern Slavic US immigrants: polka. My particular favorite band has been Stanky and his Pennsylvania Coalminers. I got three records of their this year, which I treasure.

  • the Everly Brothers and Shirley Collins. God, I love them.

  • Udi Hrant, the great Armenian oudist; the Tommy Potts, the obscure Irish fiddler; Cemil Bey, the Turkish polymath genius; Watazumido-Shusho, the powerfully intense Japanese flautist.

  • Tons of Azeri, Kuwaiti, Kurdish, Saharan & Persian music on YouTube.

I also listened to a lot of ASMR ("Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response")-themed video on YouTube, which are some kind of odd, new, folk soundart - one woman chewing pickles and another whispering gibberish were special favorites.

Ian Nagoski är skivsamlare, skribent m.m. som har sammanställt flera samlingar med musik från 78rpm-eran, på Canary/Mississippi, Tompkins Square och Dust-to-Digital.

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