2011: Jozef van Wissem

2011: Jozef van Wissem

2011: Jozef van Wissem

Publicerad: mån, 2011-12-12 15:14

2011 saw the release of the Sims medieval video game to which i contributed twelve pieces for lute and vocals. Millions of people got to hear my music that way so it made sense to call 2011 the Year of the Lute. The Sims people gave me complete freedom also, didn't have to change a single thing. June saw a Usa tour, 20 dates in 3 weeks all over the states. Did a very successful west coast tour playing with great people like Derek Monypeny, Bill Orcutt and Date Palms. Got invited to perform at the Deputy Mayor's residency in New York. I asked him how he had heard of my music, he answered "i read the wire". This definitely signaled change for me in acceptance of the lute as a full grown perfect instrument.

Played east coast shows with Heresy of the Free Spirit. Released three silk screen printed silver on black limited art editions on vinyl with United Bible Studies, Smegma and Heresy of the Free Spirit on my Incunabulum label. Important Records did a CD/LP of mine entitled The Joy That Never Ends with Jim Jarmusch guesting on electric guitar. With Jarmusch i recorded a duo
record entitled Concerning the Entrance into Eternity which is due early 2012. He is playing electric and acoustic guitar and he does spoken word on one piece. He is planning to shoot a vampire love story film with my music too. I usually compose a palindrome piece and give
that to him and he adds to it although we improvise too. It feels more like a band than a collaboration. I met him in New York in 2004. We share a lot of the same historical interests and personal stuff as well. I once stole a life size poster of his film Stranger Than Paradise during intermission of the movie in a full cinema lobby. No one noticed. I am honored to be a part of Jim's film as he is honored to be part of my music. We played live in New York during the New Music
for Old Instruments Festival which i curated. It happened in the new Issue Project Room venue, a temple with a six second reverb which is perfect for lute. Gregg Kowalsky did this site specific piece with me for lute and tape loops and he placed little cassette players/recorders in the room between the audience. I walked into the audience a couple of times, head banging with the lute, they were quite terrified. Many people attended these two days including Steve Buscemi.

New music for old instruments also took place in Paris, Aalst, Brussels and Utrecht and I played with Richard Bishop, Loren Conners, Stephan Mathieu, Heresy of the Free Spirit and Keiji Haino. I ended the year with a performance with Stephan Mathieu on virginal and lute, also feedback lute, on a boat on the river Seine in Paris. He uses e-bows on virginals. It looks like he's playing Chess. I combined that with physical baroque lute feedback. He made me think in a different way of playing as his music is rather minimal and you don't want to perform too many notes with that. The lute needs to be taken out of the museum and there are no limits as far as I am concerned there's no reason to hide it. Its a perfect harmonic sexy instrument. I intend to rid it of its bad Robin Hood hollywood image in the process. It was great to meet all these people on the road and become
friends with them. 2011 certainly has been the year of the lute for me.

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