2011: Mike Harding

2011: Mike Harding

Bild: CM von Hausswolff.

2011: Mike Harding

Publicerad: fre, 2011-12-16 00:59

2011 has been a very strange year indeed, what with spring in the winter and summer in the autumn... and this sense of natural and political confusion carries over into labels and distributors searching for new business models, online and physical. How long will be the protracted death of the CD? Will the vinyl resurgence continue? What of artists' and audience demands for increased online quality and multi-channel audio formats? Challenging times, on and off the pitch, as Touch approaches its 30th anniversary...

Highlights: Spire Live in Lincoln Cathedral and the genius that is Charles Matthews | Touch iOS app and Team Tema - "Caps in the air!" | El Tren Fantasma - simply mind-blowing and raises the bar | Recording Rebecca Staton for "Worm Eats Bear" | Genelec system at home at last - proper listening | Wax cylinder release by Esposito & von Hausswolff - a little miracle | Café Scientifica | Vinyl cuts @ Transition Mastering Studios | West Wittering wind recording finally sees daylight | Ted @ Never Records | BJN in London | The Touch Recipe Book - cooking with sound | Pub!, March! & Wasp! | Jana Winderen winning Golden Nica - "Predicted, Boffa!" | TouchRadio at The British Library | [The rest are implicit...]

Lowlights: Death of Tom Lawrence.

Youtube: Georges gitarr

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Youtube: TD live in Coventry