2011: Rhodri Davies

2011: Rhodri Davies

Rhodri Davies, Hamburg, November 2011. Foto: Gunnar Lettow

2011: Rhodri Davies

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The continuing erosion of the UK and European political landscape by the Conservatives.


Celebrating the birth of my baby daughter, my 40th birthday and my Dad’s 70th birthday.

In January, I visited Eliane Radigue in Paris for a week to collaborate on a new solo harp piece called Occam I. Serendipitously, we completed the work on her birthday and the first performance followed in June at the Spitalfields Festival during a major retrospective of her work.

The pleasure of playing with long-time friends, Common Objects, Clare Cooper, Max Eastley, Cranc, Michael Duch, Burkhard Beins, Christian Wolff and John Tilbury. Also the delight of working with new collaborators, Barbara Ellison, Mariam Rezaei, Dominic Lash, Laura Cannell and Adam Parkinson.

Building my first acoustic Wind Harp for ARPIA (Art with Landscape), Herzele, Belgium. Playing at the opening of Cerith Wyn Evans’ new exhibition Permit Yourself... with Peter Evans in Sunderland.

Participating in Just Not Cricket! an event that was convened by the filmmaker Antoine Prum. A pleasurable time of music making, filming and socialising, and majorly exciting to hang out with Stewart Lee, a comedian that I have long admired.

In December, I recorded countless drones in the studio for a new solo harp piece by Phill Niblock that was commissioned by the AV Festival and will have its first performance during the festival in 2012. In the same month, I also recorded my new solo harp material at Morden Tower that I've been woodshedding for the last two years, with the aim of releasing it on the alt.vinyl label in 2012.

Aberystwyth, December 2011

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