2011: Robert Lippok

2011: Robert Lippok

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The Year 2011 started with a very unusual show. To Rococo Rot been invited by the ZKM Karslruhe to celebrate the Birthday of the Arts founded by the french Fluxus Artist Robert Filliou in 1963. Instead of play a concert we performed some pieces by Yoko Ono taken from her Book of Instruction. So we performed: BICYCLE PIECE FOR ORCHESTRA - Ride bicycles anywhere you can in the concert hall. Do not make any noise., SHADOW PIECE - Put your shadows together until they become one., PEA PIECE - Carry a bag of peas. Leave a pea wherever you go., PROMISE PIECE - Brake a vase on stage and ask the people to pick up the pieces and take them home, promising that they would all meet again in ten years time with the pieces and put the vase together again.

February was reserved for the work on my solo record for Raster Noton. In the end it took me only a few weeks to do it but with years of finding the right path. I started to make drawings and models of the music out of every day objects which helped me allot to find the right shape. The last track starts with the harp play of Beatrice Martini. She has a very strong and percussive way of playing this instrument but here we thought of a minimal line of notes. Everything unfold itself from there and leads to a big summer thunderstorm which you can hear in the end. This is where 2011 really starts for me.

The greatest thing about music is that it can catch your heart without warning. In August i was at a festival in Kopenhagen. Unfold started his DJ set. First it was pure techno but after a while he changed the kick drums, the snares, african rhythms, started to take over. The music shifted to something unpredictable and it became one of the most intense musical moments of the year.
The 15th anniversary of Raster Noton at Berghain in September was a big highlight for me. Playing my music over this profound sound system on high level felt good. It was also the release date of my record so a very special day.

In November my brother Ronald and i traveled to Toronto to meet up our colleague Ludovico Einaudi to perform a rare show of our trio Whitetree. A day later i played with Debashis the first show as Knuckleduster. Frozen Honey, heavy, dark pieces which are joy and a challenge to perform live. Nuukoono is the title of our album. Now Im back in the studio working on the new album of Takeshi Nishimoto and preparing some tom sound for my next EP.

2011 was a great year for music lovers. So many good releases such as Shakleton, SBTRKT, Andreas Reihse, Koreless and so many more. Looking very much forward to 2012!

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