2013 : André Foisy

2013 : André Foisy

2013 : André Foisy

Publicerad: tis, 2013-12-17 23:29

My year as a musician was probably the best that I can remember. I played fewer shows than I have in the past few years, but I had more fun playing these shows than ever.

I’ve recorded a bit of music this year, but I’ve consciously slowed down my output this year. Recordings were on the verge of feeling like an obligation more than an act of doing something fulfilling for my soul.

Locrian played a few meaningful shows in some places that we haven’t played before: Lexington, Denton, Kansas City, Indianapolis, as well as some places that we haven’t played much recently (Columbus, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Montreal).

Locrian released our “Return To Annihilation” album on Relapse Records which is my favorite Locrian album to date. My group Kwaidan released an LP on Bathetic Records called “Make All The Hell of Dark Metal Bright.”

Kwaidan played a really memorable release show for the album in June with Jon Mueller’s Death Blues and Mind Over Mirrors. Kwaidan just finished up the year by performing at the Utech Records festival in Milwaukee. This fest was amazing! I was really happy with our performance and it was nice to be around so many musicians form the Utech Records community.

I can’t forget that Kuma’s Too created a Locrian burger (10oz burger with garlic puree, topped off with braised short rib, carrots and celery sautéed in coriander with horseradish creme and finished off with house made BBQ potato chips). I’m really honored that they created a burger in our name. I plan to try it this week.

Other than my music, I began teaching yoga this year and that’s been a really rewarding experience. I’ve also been running a business to help musicians promote their music (Ablution Media).

I’m excited about going into 2014. It’s going to be a great year.

  1. Volcano Choir “Repave” (Jagjagwar)
    Power ballady kind of stuff that I can listen to whenever and wherever: my apartment, during one of my yoga classes, while I’m at work, whenever. Infectious.

  2. True Widow “Circumambulation” (Relapse)
    Some of the best songs that I’ve heard this year. Songs that don’t force you to feel anything, but that create a space for whatever it is you’re feeling at the moment to come up.

  3. Insect Ark “Long Arms” (Geweih Ritual Documents)
    Dark, mysterious, and beautiful. Highly listenable without compromising intensity.

  4. Agarttha “A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands” (King of the Monsters)
    Put this on, light some candles, and get in the zone. Doom metal, maybe, that’s not affected or corny.

  5. Iggy and the Stooges “Ready to Die” (Fat Possum)
    James Williamson is back and nothing can ruin that.

  6. BLOODYMINDED “Within The Walls” (BloodLust!)
    Not as intense as a BLOODYMINDED performance, but close.

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