2013 : Birgit Ulher

2013 : Birgit Ulher

2013 : Birgit Ulher

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In April I recorded a new CD with Gregory Büttner, which will be released at the beginning of next year. On three tracks of the recording the audio output from Gregory's computer is sent through a small speaker which I use as a trumpet mute. Our sounds were modulated by the acoustic resonance chamber of the trumpet.

Recently I work on field recordings for small active speakers which I can put in a mute and use the same way as I use to play my radio sounds and Gregory plays his electronic sounds in our duo. I am very fascinated by the idea of the trumpet being transmitter and receiver at the same time and the unique sound of the resonance chamber of the trumpet, which changes its sound by opening and closing the plunger. There will be two other CDs released next year, Stereo Trumpet with Leonel Kaplan and another CD (our second) with Ute Wassermann.

Besides many other concerts I had the chance of touring to the US again. I had a great time playing at High Zero Festival in Baltimore together with some brilliant musicians. I also played at Sonic Circuits Festival in D.C. with Bill Hsu and Forbes Graham on trumpet. Bill Hsu works with electronics and real-time animation systems. His work involves the use of gestural interfaces to control animation and sound synthesis and building real-time audiovisual systems that interact with human performers. What I especially like about working with his animations is that their reaction is quite unpredictable, so the relation between music and video animation is not based on illustration. I am always interested in working with visual elements although it is a challenge, because it often tends to be illustrative which I try to avoid.

I played several concerts with Bill in Boston (with Ernst Karel), in Philadelphia (with Bonnie Jones and Misha Marks) and in New York (with Andrew Drury). It was very interesting to see how the animation worked with different musicians. At the end of my tour I spend some days in Chicago, playing a concert with Eric Leonardson at the Renaissance Society (one of the country's most innovative galleries for contemporary art) and having a two days residency at the sound department of SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago). I was giving a lecture and a workshop there and was impressed of the level of discussion about sound art there. The sound department is an amazing place; it offers the opportunity to study sound art and experimental music in the context of an art school. So it's a kind of back to the roots for me, since my background is in the visual arts and I am always happy to perform in art contexts.

Birgit Ulher

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