2013 : Dan Fröberg

2013 : Dan Fröberg

Dan Fröberg.

2013 : Dan Fröberg

Publicerad: tis, 2013-12-17 12:11

(Funnen text på baksidan av ett tidsblekt lp-konvolut, betitlat "Dan Fröberg lived here".)

"Music of 2013. Life of 2013. A time of revolution. A time of changes. A time of excitement of sound and form. Music of life. Music of love. The old formulaes are being cast aside. The new is where it's at. The worlds are changing. We are changing. And with us is the changing of our perception. An extension of souls. And soul is what it's all about. Only with soul can there be music. Only with magic can there be soul. Go to the places you need to go. Learn what there is to learn. The psychic excitement of the times. Of 2013. Of forevermore. The era of love. The era of life. Of soul. Learn to speak the dialect of now. Say it in accents of brain-wrenching psychedelia or say it in the spirit-lifting diversities of the chorale. Speak it. Speak life. Speak love. Jump upon the wild winds. Loose the marbles. Ride the eternal carousel and blow your mind with soul. But do it now. Don't miss out on today, because tomorrow it will be gone. It will be gone and you will have missed it forever. It's the time of changes. Molecular forms that shift and squirm before our eyes. Coloured radiowaves filling the air. An eternal kaleidoscope. Tomorrow brought into focus today. Love, life, sounds and magic. Meeting and joining. A volatile awakening of the senses, destined to be a historical capsule of the times. The excitement of exploding patterns. It's now. It's today. Its message rising above the jabberwock jumble of the past. Soaring. A long-tailed ghost-kite streaking in and out of the skies. Weaving intricate designs. Now plummeting. Now soaring again. Bright transmissions in captivating sound. The era of music. The era of love. The era of magic. The era of life."

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