2013 : Dominic Martin

2013 : Dominic Martin

2013 : Dominic Martin

Publicerad: tis, 2013-12-17 23:36

2013 was a pretty decent year for both labels i run. The Great Pop Supplement saw an eclectic mix of tunes (on vinyl only of course) from the likes of Eat Lights Become Lights, The Lucid Dream, Trwbador, The See See and my own personal favourites, the mighty "The Other World of... Soundcarriers" LP and the Death and Vanilla 45 (the first pressing of which came out as a red square 7"!) To this day i run both labels as a fan really, so when something lands on your doormat as good as those were, it's always turns me into an impatient old sod keen to get them out there ASAP....

Deep Distance kinda took off more this year. It started as a side label to The GPS. Concentrating on my primary love; the revered kraut / motorik groove! I'm now up to around 10 releases for that label and it's where i see myself being most busy next year i think. am real excited about some stuff for DD for 2014, so i'm currently like a big kid at Christmas just keen to get stuck in and launch it all, damn the Christmas break!

2013 saw - as if it was needed - another crushing blow to the tiny home run indie from the majors. In my case, Sony who blocked my 100th release on The GPS. A Spacemen 3 / Spectrum / MGMT single in THE most amazing shell like origami sleeve. Reason being that MGMT didn't gain permission to use a track for it, so Sony were only too delighted to pull the plug on that one and $%^& all over me! Can't say i was totally surprised but a standout moment for the year just gone, for sure.

On a personal level i've moved north of the river within london here in with my girlfriend and her teenage twins, so establishing my little corner with a desk, a lamp and a pc and turning it into a record company HQ that strikes fear into the hearts of Sony was main priority! Just about got that sorted so roll on 2014....

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