2013 : Gregory Büttner

2013 : Gregory Büttner

2013 : Gregory Büttner

Publicerad: tors, 2013-12-19 22:04

A great journey in 2013 was my two week stay as a composer in residence at EMS in Stockholm realized with a founding by the German Goethe Institute.

The aim for my work at the EMS was to try out the analog synth legends by Buchla and Serge. In my two weeks stay I created and recorded loads of sounds with these machines. I replayed these recordings with my system of speaker cones which I have prepared with different resonating objects. My idea was to combine electronic and acoustic sounds with their spatial qualities and use the so developed material for new pieces.

I create and found a lot of inspiring sounds by working with the Buchla: electronic sizzling, complex noises, slow moving waves and rhythmical pulses. But to find a way through was not easy for someone like me who plays for the first time on such a complex analog synth. Without the help of the Buchla wizard Daniel Araya I wouldn't create any single bleep... The result of my first day was a circling sound like the one you can hear if you are in a waiting loop of an old analog telephone from the past.

Interesting for me was the experience that these machines are real instruments with their own voice on which you can play everything if you know how. Surely not a new knowledge (if you remember all this “switch on“ projects from the 60-70s) but it was fascinating to see how the EMS sound engineer Daniel Araya did a “simple“ patch and the Buchla plays acid house or dub step. On the other hand funny and also depressing to experience how long I needed to patch with the result that only a simple telephone bleep was coming out of the speakers. But after some time I found my noises and the time was passing by like in a time lapse while I was experiencing the parameters of some hissing sounds. Surreal moments appeared when I was going to the supermarket nearby after working and listened to the refrigerator like I didn`t leave the studio.

I was very impressed by the institution of the EMS. It is a very creative place and opens for a lot of different users. The academic music world is in the same way represented as musicians from the free music scenes like noise, electronica and electroacoustic improvisation, which was very inspiring for me.

Other Projects in 2013 was: Some new releases for my label 1000füssler by Adam Asnan, Olaf Hochherz, and me. New studio recordings with my duo with Birgit Ulher, which will be published early 2014 on Bocian Records. I was also happy that my first full length radio piece, “Pochen – oder: mit nachschleifendem Zwirnsfaden die Treppe hinunterkollern“, was commissioned for the radio program Studio akustische Kunst at WDR 3 in Cologne and premiered at 5 of July 2013.

I also started to develop a new solo live concept which is a mixture of concert, performance and sound installation and I'm happy to play some concerts together with a lot of great musicians.

Gregory Büttner

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