2013 : Katt Hernandez

2013 : Katt Hernandez

2013 : Katt Hernandez

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It has been another crazily and ecstatically active year. Continuing to play many concerts, work with Fylkingen and FRIM and study for my Masters degree at KMH has made for a very full year indeed!

I started the year playing in an ancient cellar near Stureplan, with Johan Jutterström. Later I joined him in Göteborg to play his work Trästolen at the Music school. I played a solo concert at Cafe Victor, alongside Sofia Jernberg and Lene Grenager, and saw some marvelous shows! RedRån (Sven Rånlund /Johan Redin duo) played an intense set at the Brewery, alongside an awesome trombone/keyboard/singer from some far off place. And Sofia Jernberg and Ståle Liavik each do solo sets at Brötz.

Alexander Zethson asked me to play in his piece, accompanying the silent 1920s film "La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc". We played in churches. Niklas Barnö, Sarasvati Shrestha, Eyvind Lönning, Josef Kallerdahl, Alexander and me joined the choir of the Högdalen church to play the dark, half written, half improvised score to the film. Then I joined Eyvind, Emil Strandberg and Erik Carlsson for a concert at Haralds Hylla in Aspudden. Harald has been having concerts in his lovely bookstore! And Hundörat, commenced a series of boxes, made by an artisan bookbinder, filled with materials. Per-Åke Holmlander was asked to do one, which he called “A B-O-X Piece”. I joined him in the tiny, amazing shop to play it. And I saw a great concert ay Rönnels with Johan Berthing, David Stackenäs and Akira Sakata.

I’ve been studying EAM, mostly with Bill Brunson, at KMH. I made a piece about - and titled - “Norra Bantorget”, mostly of field recordings, some of which I processed with Buchla. It was played for Ljud OLjud at Audiorama. Soon I’ll be ready with installations, which I plan to surreptitiously install in places I think need them. It’s wonderful to be in school, and I’ve learned to hear the city in new ways, met many of its humans, birds, machines, waters and other eccentricities.

Happily my duo with Daniel Karlsson got support to go on tour recently! We made a Soundcloud release early this year of two new pieces, “Anorthosite” and “Cataclasite”, and have begun work with his new instruments since he returned from Berlin. Our larger group, The Schematics, was in Berlin this spring, where we played a house show, a Club and at Quiet Cue, a dedicated venue for improvised music. We also performed on Fylkingen’s Jubileum celebration, and are planning a USA tour as well!

In summer David Stackenäs, Sten Sandell and I made a trio recording, which we hope to release soon. I am very excited about it- a group I dreamed of making since very early on here, with these two musicians, each of whom has so deep a universe of self-created practice. Christoph Schiller came to visit, too, and we played with Magnus Granberg and Erik Carlsson at Studio Ingrid Marie, along with the fiery Jello Trio.

Yun Kan 10 has also had a great year. We released Ten, recorded on the mysterious Berghamn island, and in Studio 2 at the Swedish Radio. Fredrick Ljungkvist wrote a lot of new material for it, and it was well received in many quarters. We’ve since played concerts in Bergen, Malmö, and Stockholm. Fredrick’s music is euphoric, and the span of different musical imaginations in the group is a mind-blowing spectrum.

I also got to travel to Japan this fall with Norwegian group Honest John - subbing for Ole-Henrik Moe, one of my favorite violinists; a fantastic experience, to be there, and see a wonderful array of lovingly-run jazz clubs and art spaces. Then I saw some great concerts at Sound of Stockholm. Koboku Senju, The Necks, and Fredrick Olafsson’s music of a hundred red lanterns stand out... But the truly life altering performance was Sciarrino’s Lohengrin, with a riveting performance from Sofia Jernberg. After the festival it was a sublime epilogue to hear Tetuzi Akiyama play a solo concert at the abode of Magnus Granberg.

I’ve also begun a duo with Mats Erlandsson. We play long, intense pieces, and have also started a series of music, film/video and art at Fylkingen. Other concerts at Fylkingen this year included a duo with Gus Loxbo, a performance with Smullotron, and a solo for the 80 year celebration. The Jubilee offered a cornucopia of all sorts of things. Some great highlights for me included George Kentros and Mattias Petersson’s electronics and violin interplay, Sten Sandell’s performances, Cirkadia’s exquisite soundscapes, Joel Grip/Takako Suzuki, Susanne Skog’s haunting piece from the songs of extinct birds, Mark Fell and Sally Golding’s wholly hand-made and utterly fantastic work. FRIM has been busy too. I think my favorite FRIM concert this year was The Ames Room. I was thoroughly engrossed in their set. An earlier concert with Högberg/Ullén/Selander and Bark! also made me very happy!

Alexander Zethson and Emil Skogh commenced a Nina Simone project for Stockholm Jazz, and I got to play- and sing!-with about 15 fantastic musicians to an utterly packed Hellsten. I’ve really loved seeing Zethson’s other projects, too, like his huge group of improvisers and traditional Senegalese musicians at Re:Public this summer. Niklas Barnö has figured prominently in most of these groups as well- and of course Je Suis is one of my favorite bands Ever.

The year has ended with a wonderful new project, led by Klas Nevrin, with Per “Texas” Johansson, Rikard Österstam and Ville Bromander. Our recent concert at Teater Studio Lederman went very well! It has been fantastic to work with these musicians, and to play the intricate microtonal compositions Klas has composed for the group.

Stockholm continues to give me a life burgeoning with all manner of amazing musics, good adventures and wonderful humans. I consider myself to live in a state of grace, to be in such a community. A good new year of sonic wonderments to all!

Katt Hernandez

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