2013 : Rhodri Davies

2013 : Rhodri Davies

2013 : Rhodri Davies

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The war in Syria.
The Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition’s damaging policies.
Butch Morris’s death.

Wound Response: Playing material from my solo album at OUT.FEST, Bang the Bore, N.K., Festival Electrónica La Casa Encendida, Four Bars at Dempsey’s and Star and Shadow.

Dawson-Davies: HEN OGLEDD: Releasing a new LP on the Alt Vinyl label with the delightfully bawdy Richard Dawson. Richard has a druidic potency when playing live that makes him one of the most sparkling people to play with, as I found out this year at A Glimpse of Paradise, Levontin 7 and the Tusk Festival.

Long-term groups: Much valued tours and concerts with John Butcher, Common Objects, Cranc (with Angharad Davies and Nikos Veliotis) and The Sealed Knot (with Burkhard Beins and Mark Wastell).

Firsts: Accomplishing a long-term desire to put a harp in a block of ice and hear what it sounds like, thanks to Eddie Ladd, Mike Pearson and Lee Patterson. I’m a big fan of Bill Orcutt and Mark Sanders has been one of my mentors for many years, so playing with them for a film by People Like Us was a major highpoint of the year. Playing a duo concert with Jean-Luc Guionnet on organ in Glasgow was another highlight. Apparently, I first introduced myself to him in 1997 by jumping into the grand piano he was playing at a late night jam in Instants Chavirés.

Record Releases: Although my group Common Objects has performed live many times since 2006, this year saw its first solo album release Live in Morden Tower on the Mikroton label. Phill Niblock’s TOUCH FIVE also came out this year featuring his solo harp piece A Cage of Stars that I first performed at the AV Festival in 2012.

Eliane Radigue: 2013 saw more performances of OCCAM I for solo harp. The piece now also features as part of the artist Xavier Veilhan’s SYSTEMA OCCAM and we were lucky enough to perform at Le Corbusier’s Cite Radieuse as well as in New York and Paris. This year also saw the first performances of three new chamber pieces, OCCAM DELTA IV, OCCAM DELTA V and OCCAM HEXA I, which were premiered at College des Bernardins, Paris.

Albums: Christoph Heeman Hollywood Dream Trip, Basic House Oats; revisiting the music of Maryanne Amacher and Michèle Bokanowski; Bill Orcutt Twenty Five Songs 7” box set, John Butcher Winter Gardens, My Bloody Valentine MBV, Anders Dahl and Skogen Rows, Nikos Veliotis Folklor Invalid, and the return of Confront Recordings.

Books: Emahoy Tsegué-Mariam Guèbru Music for Piano.

Live: Neil Young; LV & Spoek Mathambo; La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s Dream House; Lee Gamble; Stewart Lee.

Rhodri Davies
Gateshead, December 2013

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