2014 : André Foisy

2014 : André Foisy

André Foisy, gitarrist i Locrian och yogamästare.

2014 : André Foisy

Publicerad: sön, 2014-12-21 15:35

I was fairly quiet in 2014 in terms of music in order to me to better balance different parts of my life. I only had one physical release this year (a CDR on thisquietarmy records) and it wasn’t even new material. I cannot explain how cool it was to meet so many people that I’ve been in touch with over email for the last one to ten years.

This year, Locrian was able to play three European shows (our first shows in Europe) and I was able to tour with thisquietarmy for a week. Although, I haven’t released many albums this year, I finished a new Locrian album to be released next year, finished an ambient album that I’ve been working on with David Reed for a while, and got to play and record quite a bit with Kwaidan, including a few shows with an expanded lineup featuring Leo Park and the traditional Korean drummer Kim So Ra.

2014 was also the year that I began writing about yoga for Decibel magazine and working on my new yoga related YouTube Channel: Yoga with Andre.

Top 14 records of 2014 in no particular order:

1: Obituary – Inked in Blood (Relapse Records)
2: Mike Weis – Don’t Know, Just Walk (Type)
3: Grouper – Ruins (Kranky)
4: Inter Arma – The Cavern (Relapse Records)
5: Foundations of Burden – Pallbearer (Profound Lore)
6: Godflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire (Avalanche Recordings)
7: Tecumseh – Violet (Anti-Matter)
8: Gog – S/T (King of the Monsters)
9: Anatomy of Habit – Ciphers + Axioms (Relapse)
10: Francisco Lopez & Michael Esposito – JAALJTH (Geräuschmanufaktur)
11: Terence Hannum – Via Negativa (Utech Records)
12: Fushitsusha – Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything, I am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself (Utech Records)
13: Jana Winderen – Out of Range (Touch)
14: D’Angelo – Black Messiah

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