2014: Antti Tolvi

2014: Antti Tolvi

Antti Tolvi

2014: Antti Tolvi

Publicerad: tors, 2014-12-11 12:43

Plus 2014:

More time for sound

Played many great pianos around the world. South of Estonia first was old and in museum, other was also pretty old but in the middle of forest. In USA I played piano in church, town hall and squat. In Belgium room sounded great. UK was cafe, Portugal rooms were gold and in Helsinki BIG!

Live silent films with Lau Nau.

Caravan of dreams tour whit best friends in Finland.

Sun ra birthday party i Åbo.

Summer was hot (at least partly I quess) and winter mild.

Färjan kommer och färjan gå.

Minus 2014:

Friend dying too young.

Too little church organs.

Youtube: Georges gitarr

Spellista: Don Cherrys 70-tal


Youtube: TD live in Coventry