2014: Dominic Martin

2014: Dominic Martin

2014: Dominic Martin

Publicerad: ons, 2014-12-10 09:56

2014 was another good year for both labels here, an average of two releases a month which isn't bad for one man operation run out of a corner of a kitchen here in north london! I was lucky that all sold out enabling me time to crazily launch a 3rd micro label, a minimal synth obsessed project called Polytechnic Youth which is onto it's 8th release.

Highlights for me personally were being able to work with Tim Gane's amazing new Cavern of Anti-matter project, Umberto and Colin Potter (NWW) whose diy / minimal synth work from the 80s on small run cassette only releases we are now slowly (alongside sacred summits) putting out on vinyl. Added to new full lengths from old favourites like The See See and Eat Lights Become Lights, it's been rewarding first and foremost as a fan forgetting the labels for a sec. Then towards the end of the year I saw an email I thought i'd never see (from Sony) which finally gave me permission to release GPS100, The Spacemen 3 / MGMT / Spectrum 45 which i thought would be lost forever to legal wrangles with Sony and MGMT. That came and went in a day once it did arrive....

Later in the year, I've started a sad obsession with Amen Dunes whose back catalogue i've been tracking down as if my life depended on it, whether i can convince damon to let me release something in 2015 remains to be seen however.

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