2014: Jean-Luc Guionnet

2014: Jean-Luc Guionnet

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2014: Jean-Luc Guionnet

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open list ...

reciprocal scores during two weeks in clermont ferrand with lotus edde khouri : very important news directions for both of us

an organ solo in verneuil-sur-âvre (sainte madeleine) : new directions also

an exhibition of my drawings in the fine art school of montpellier in which project my drawings on the big window of the school (photo) with the composition "no non solo" diffused in the street

an organ solo on a beautiful organ in montpellier (couvent des dominicains) : very adapted to what I like to do (doesn't mean the music is better !)

a composition for the dedalus ensemble : la dualité secrète des cubes, in radio france

one week in ausland, berlin, inviting artists I like, doing concerts, screening films, doing talks, ....

talking performance of yuri leiderman in ausland while screening his beautiful film : birmingham ornament

a strong duet with axel dörner

a nice meeting with d'incise in geneve INSUB43

a nice meeting with miguel garcia in bilbao, sax and in vitoria, organ

two weeks in the arantzazu monastery, in the basque country, organized by xabi erkizia, who I was very happy to see again after many years

organized with lotus and stephane rives, a small festival we named "entrelac vert" (beautiful solo by laurent pascal)

at last, got the vinyl live in saint johan (the ames room, gaffer record): happy with it

great concert of ames room in dijon in front of nobody

white night in riga, organ solo, several hours, and black basalm

worked on the cd box for hibari record, a selection of organ solos since 10 years: bending contumax

listened a lot to joe coley

finished to write the text : "l'autre jour"

began to work with DI-DIer, a new voice

finished the master "2!" with annette krebs

strange conference in paris about noise with DI-DIer, seymour wright and pierre antoine badaroux : "when a nothing is coming"

concert of hubbub in paris for the tampon series

a concert with seijiro murayama and olivier benoit in a courtyard with the "fête de la musique" all around from the other side of the walls : things I played that I rarely played thanks to the wonderfull playing of the two others

finished and released : home handover (with eric la casa on the label potlatch): .....................

angle with jean philippe gross, first time I play one of my composition with the saxophone, and a new way for me to consider the relation of the sax with the synth

"volatil lambda" with lotus and stephane in "le kiosque flottant", paris: .....................

exhibition of my drawings in atelier martel, paris

dedalus replayed "distances ouïes dites" in evreux, france, a composition I wrote for them in 2013

nearly finished the doublescreen film "divulgation des parties en jeux" with franck gourdien

a talk in chicoutimi, québec, about idioty in music, and nice meetings around it (andré éric letourneau)

discussion with seymour wright, eric vautrin, eric la casa, franck goudien, thomas bonvalet

acousmatic composition doing the portrait of my apartment in paris for xabi and tabakalera

remixed live concert of baroque music with eric la casa, in the festival of sablé, france

listenned a lot to the complete session of "sun ship", to çekiç ali, herbie nichols

finished the first version of the book I work on with bertrand denzler about what is to improvise in music (book made of an editing of 70 interviews we did since over 10 years of different musicians, still looking for an editor)

a new trio : jupiter terminus (with antonin gerbal and pierre antoine badaroux)

worked with rhodri on the cover of his vinyl box with some of my drawings

awful sax solo in paris

nice one in lyon

screen of the film "points d'imposture" with elizabeth saint jalmes in errant bodies, berlin

the duet with thomas bonvalet is getting strong, two directions : "fusées", with electric organs, on gaffer record & "loges de souffle", with pipe organ, on becoq records

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