2014: John Chantler

2014: John Chantler

John Chantler. Foto: Fabio Lugaro

2014: John Chantler

Publicerad: tis, 2014-12-09 13:04

2014 has been a year of significant personal change. Deciding to leave a pretty great job producing the concert programme at Cafe OTO and relocating to Stockholm. I write this after only two weeks here, so the proper implications are far from apparent, but the living conditions in London - tiny, expensive flats - offer little hope of any long term future there - even if both countries are being threatened by anti-immigration fear mongers and a complicit mainstream media.

As always, music offered a joyous respite and I’ve been lucky to witness some incredible performances this last year, mostly at OTO: Chris Corsano’s four day residency (with my personal highlight being the edge-of-seat trio set by Chris, John Butcher and Okkyung Lee); seeing the Brötzmann/Noble duo formation blossom, especially with Jason Adasiewicz; lots of Evan Parker - it was an honour to help facilitate the week of concerts celebrating his 70th and oversee the re-issue on vinyl of The Topography of The Lungs - and I especially enjoyed the ear-rinsing that his duo with Seymour Wright gave me at the Kernel Brewery. Afternoons like that were the best of London. Perfect strangeness from the trio of Thomas Lehn / John Butcher / Matthew Shipp; Mats Lindstöm’s masterful diffusion of Akos Rozmann’s Images of the Dream and Death; Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham at St John at Hackney; lots of Tony Buck - ripping it up in Trophies, raw funk with Hailu Mergia at Nickelsdorf and expertly judged texture across all six sets by The Necks; Johs Lunds at OTO and Mayhem; John Hegre’s Tralten Eller Utpult; new music from Mark Harwood; Tony Conrad’s two string quartets; and then in Stockholm: Rhodri Davies and Sally Golding both exceptional at Fylkingen.

My favourite music on record: John Tilbury / John Edwards / Mark Sanders A Field Perpetually at the Edge of Disorder on the great Fataka label gave opportunity to work out what the hell these three were doing when the concert moved too fast to make total sense of what was offered. Probably forgetting some, but I also got a lot from these more recently (re)issued records: Oren Ambarchi Quixotism; Jake Meginsky L’appel du Vide; Valerio Tricoli Miseri Lares; Jim O’Rourke Four Views of A Secret/Steamroom 10; Ian William Craig A Turn of Breath ; Grouper Ruins; Angel Olsen Burn Your Fire For No Witness; Lawrence English A Wilderness of Mirrors; Joe McPhee National Time/Trinity/Pieces of Light/Underground Railroad; Peter Brötzmann & Jason Adasiewicz Mollie’s in the Mood; Klaus Lang Organ Works Vol 1; John Coltrane Offering; and these older ones: Cecil Taylor Unit Akisakila; Robert Ashley Private Parts; AMM Combine + Laminates; Brigitte Fontaine Comme a la Radio; Tod Dockstader Eight Electronic Pieces.

I am also very grateful for the support and opportunity given to my own music this last year: starting the year with a really enjoyable solo blast at the Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room and capping things off with a set at the organ at St John at Hackney. Looking forward to more playing and recording in 2015.

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