2014 : Katt Hernandez

2014 : Katt Hernandez

Katt Hernandez. Foto: Heiko Purnhagen

2014 : Katt Hernandez

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This year has once again been a kaleidoscopic array of music! Jean-Francios Laporte's virtuosic solo set at Geigerfestivalen was a highlight, as well Drånkvarteten (Four hurdy-gurdys. Need I say more?). Marta Forsberg, Ellen Arkbro and Lo Kristenson held a beautiful concert of their works for organ in Tyska kyrkan. At Hagenfesten, I was very taken with Mattias Risberg’s String and Pipes (piano/organ/electronics), as well as the exuberant Se och Hör. There was the marvelous “Songs Between” (Chris Cutler/Sten Sandell/ Niklas Billström/ Lach'n Jonsson) at Fylkingen, And great violin concerts! George Kentros’ performance of Annie Gosfield’s Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites at Fylkingen and Anna Lindal’s performance of the Berio Sequenza for violin at Kalvfestivalen were both fantastic.

I earned my Masters Degree in Composition-EAM at KMH, and held my exam concert at Audiorama with Sånger för Spökkvarteren, Stockholm (8 channel piece) and SO(U)LSKIN(NER) (solo violin). Both are based on field recordings from Stockholm. I also wrote an article about my previous multi-channel piece about the ever-transforming life of Stockholm, Norra Bantorget, which was published in Nutida Musik “Minne”, Issue 3/2013-14. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to study and deepen my compositional practice, and I am now continuing that work.

In March, The Schematics (my quartet with Daniel M Karlsson, Ludvig Elblaus and Erik Calälv) traveled to the USA with support from Musikverket. We performed in Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York, Every concert also featured performances from American musicians. It was a fantastic exchange, and a great time!

My duo with Daniel M Karlsson received RANK tour support. We performed at Sound of Stockholm, FRIM-syd, Fylkingen and Geigerfestivalen, as well as Kultur I Almedalen. I have also continued my duo with Mats Erlandsson. We co-produced and played two concerts at Fylkingen this year, featuring some of our favorite musicians (such as Gus Loxbo, Maria Horn, Finn Loxbo, Hästköttskandalen and Alexander Zethson). We also performed in Almedalen.

In May, I was invited to participate in Tarek Atoui’s Dahlem sessions at the Berlin Bienalen. This ambitious project brought together a score of improvisers whose practices extend the boundaries of acoustic instruments, to apply our techniques to the extensive collection of instruments in the museums’ ethnomusicology department. Participants included Sharif Sehnaoui, Andrea Neumann, Burkhard Beins, Mazen Kerbaj, Charbel Harber, Andre Vida, Morton Ohlsson, Magda Mayas and several others. We played 12 concerts, utilizing a vast array of instruments from every corner of the globe.

At Norberg I played with Mats Erlandsson on the Fylkingen showcase in Mimer, alongside Ellen Arkbro and Fredrik Olofsson, and also composed a piece for a headphone installation in Mimer. The installation was curated by Daniel M Karlsson. Participating composers used field recordings of Mimerlaven and Supercollider, in collaboration with composer and supercollider guru David Granström.

Klas Nevrin ensemble played concerts nationwide at Rönnels, Klubb Memento, Brötz, Umeå Jazzstudio and Gerlesborgsskola. Klas Nevrin has written very imaginative music drawing from a wide array of influences, very much after third stream sensibilities which remain close to my heart. I look forward to next years project, where the group will expand to an octet!

I will finish the year with a solo set at “Mother at Fylkingen” December 10th, followed by a Yun Kan 10 concert at Hoob festival in Göteborg, and finally a residency at “Extensions Hagen”. I am entering my fourth year as Assistant Producer at Fylkingen and my first as ordförande for FRIM. I have also begun collaborations with Isak Hedtjärn, Elsa Bergman, Marcus Pal, Finn Loxbo and Henrik Ohlson, which I look forward to in the coming year.

Wonderments abound in the face of all darkness, Hallelujah audio-sonic hurrah!

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