2014: Mark Wastell

2014: Mark Wastell

Mark Wastell. Foto: Francis Komyn.

2014: Mark Wastell

Publicerad: mån, 2014-12-08 21:41

Memorable musical moments of 2014 .... seeing Jordi Savall solo at The Globe, Tony Bennett at the Royal Festival Hall, Michael Chapman at The Vortex and Danny Thompson at the Half Moon. The new John Coltrane release 'Offering'. Playing with Rhodri Davies and Burkhard Beins as The Sealed Knot in Berlin. And with Joachim Nordwall as Oceans of Silver and Blood in London. Also honoured to have been in the unique position of having played and recorded in a trio with John Butcher and Burkhard Beins at Cafe Oto, each of them celebrating significant birthdays this year, 60 and 50 respectively. The opportunity to gig twice this year with my larger group, The Seen. Releasing fourteen CDs, featuring some amazing musicians, on my Confront Recordings label. And ending the year with a cello solo performance, my first in well over a decade, at the lovely Hundred Years Gallery.

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