2014: Nate Wooley

2014: Nate Wooley

Nate Wooley. Photo: Ziga Koritnik

2014: Nate Wooley

Publicerad: sön, 2014-12-07 23:01

Since I wasn't specifically asked to make a "best of" list, I will relish the opportunity to skip it and talk about the reality of the year 2014, not just what products I bought and enjoyed consuming. This year I grew up; not completely and only in very specific ways, but I am conscious of a maturation. I gained insights to myself, my parents, my wife, my friends, my music, my thinking. I learned to value quality over quantity. I became less voracious of content and more voracious of understanding. I tried harder and also gave myself a break sometimes. I learned that my weaknesses aren't so bad and gave up trying to fix some of them. I worked on playing the trumpet better. I worked on writing better music. I worked on being a better husband and friend. I worked. I realized that I love working. That is the way I will remember 2014.

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