2015: Antti Tolvi

2015: Antti Tolvi

2015: Antti Tolvi

Publicerad: ons, 2015-12-16 22:27

2015 has been another good year. Musically the main thing has been the possibility to access the church organs in our local church. A whole new instrument and a massive amount of harmonies. I have been recording new music that will come out soon on the IKUISUUS label as a double CD.

This year I released two records, both came out in Belgium. Hmm... And I just came back from tours in Belgium and Holland. There´s definitly some strong unseen connection between belgian and finnish peoples... Deepest brain waves. I have also completed three other records that will be ready for release early next year.

In winter/spring I made two tours with Arttu Partinen. One to the north parts of Finland, and the other one to California. Sunny memories from both. Heavy metal in north and IPA / smiles in California.

I also did some shows and recordings with Avarus (changing group originally from Tampere) which has been awesome. And yes, of course! We started Keijut (Fairys) with Roope Eronen (NUSLUX) and Tero Niskanen (KIISKINEN). Lots of fun. All electronics/synths - 160% psychedelia - colourful endless joy. Lots of visuals. On the last show we had five video projections, wings and all.

Happiness for every one!


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