2015: Phill Niblock

2015: Phill Niblock

Phill Niblock i Gent

2015: Phill Niblock

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I decided to make 12 (or more) new pieces of music from October 2 2013 to October 2 2014 (my 80th year). Well, I think I count 14 now:

Unipolar Dance (for two violins and two violas, played in stereo) Oct 2 2013, 25:04) Pauline Kim and Conrad Harris, violins and violas

Euph (for two-belled euphonium) (Nov 2013, 23:40) Melvyn Poore, two-belled euphonium

Vlada BC (for viola d'amore) (Nov 7, 2013, 20:00) Elisabeth Smalt, viola d'amore

Three Petals (2014, 23 min) an orchestra piece for three orchestras, Commissioned by the Katarakt Festival, Hamburg, January 2014

Baobab Zink (orchestra piece played by the Zink and Copperworks Brass Quartet, Berlin
(Commisioned by the Club Transmediale Festival, Berlin)

Octavio Perc (for percussion) (2014, 20:45) Julien Ottavi, percussion

Nantes Orchestra Pieces: Played by the ensembles Formanex and ONsemble, of Nantes, France
1. Disseminate (May 2014, 23 min)
2. To Two Tea Roses (May 2014, 23 min)

Ronet (for tenor saxophone) (2014, 21:08) Neil Leonard, tenor saxphone

A Rooks Pun (for soprano saxophone) (2014, 21 min) Ulrich Krieger, soprano saxophone

Sax Mix4 (for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone) (2001 / 2014, 25:08) Ulrich
Krieger, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones (the addition of A Rooks Pun to a previous work - Sax Mix)

Surge (for serge synthesizer) (2014, 20:47) Thomas Ankersmit, serge synthesizer

#9 (Number Nine) for orchestra (September 2014, 30 min) for a single orchestra (40 parts)
(Premiered by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, at Expozice Nove Hudby (Festival) Brno CZ, October 27, 2014)

Bag (for bagpipe) (Sept 2014, 21 minutes) David Watson, bagpipe


and pieces made since:

V&LSG (21:30, March 2015) Lore Lixenberg, voice: Guy De Bievre, lap steel guitar

DreGliss, for flute - Erik Dresher, glissando flute, finished in Gent Belgium in August 2015,
Premiered in Poland in October, played in Berlin

First Out, for guitar - David First, guitar, finished in November 2015 in Hong Kong, played in premier on Czech Radio in Prague, Nov 27

Baobab, Warsaw Autumn, September 20 2015, Baobab played by the Janiczek Philharmonic Orchestra, Zsolt Nagy, conductor, at the Warsaw Autumn Festival

Two Blooms
September 5m 8pm - Quiet Cue @ KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin (http://quietcue.blogspot.de/ and http://www.kindl-berlin.de/ and http://konzert-minimal-berlin.tk). Johnny Chang and the Konzert Minimal ensemble play Phill Niblock's orchestra piece Three Orchids, parts A and C, stretched to 46 minutes, this version is titled Two Blooms; a previous 46 minute version of orchestra B - One Large Rose - was played by the Nelly Boyds of Hamburg.
Phill Niblock - »Two Blooms« for live and pre-recorded instruments:
Konzert Minimal - Johnny Chang (violin/viola), Hannes Lingens (accordion), Rishin Singh (trombone), Derek Shirley (cello), Mike Majkowski (double bass), Morten J Olsen (vibraphone)
One Large Rose & Two Blooms, a mix of these two pieces

Three Petals, Ostrava
Aug 15 - 29, Ostrava New Music festival - performing the piece "Three Petals" during the Three orchestras concert on August 23 in Trojhalí (new industrial space in Ostrava) (http://www.newmusicostrava.cz)


June 1 - 21 - Studio Loos in Den Haag, residency, Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock (www.studioloos.com). Workshop on June 12, presentation of work on June 20, at Studio Loos. Two new video and sound pieces: DH Sand-Boat by PN; Rake by KL

May 22 (6-10pm), 23(12-20) and 24-25 (12-18), A book fair at the Tate Modern, with a section by Frederic Acquaviva, of "La Plaque Tournante" in Berlin (http://laplaquetournante.org/) with a new book of "Cello Pieces" scores by Phill Niblock

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