2015: Simon Reynell

2015: Simon Reynell

Simon Reynell

2015: Simon Reynell

Publicerad: mån, 2015-12-14 14:07

For me 2015 involved a deepening of my rediscovery of harmony and melody. For decades I hadn’t paid much attention to these aspects of music, getting far more excited about work that focused on texture and timbre. But for some reason now, although I still enjoy exploratory sonic textures, I find music that doesn’t also do something with pitches, melody or harmony to be lacking a dimension. Hence my lessening interest in purely improvised music (which can’t easily engage with melody), and my growing appreciation of any composed music which succeeds in using melody and harmony in original and experimental ways (eg Magnus Granberg, Laurence Crane, Morton Feldman and, perhaps above all, Jürg Frey).

So I spent many days in 2015 recording and editing wonderful new pieces by Jürg, and hugely enjoyed the concerts of his music at this year’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, where he was composer in residence. (And it helps too that he’s such a lovely, humble and unassuming man –as indeed are Magnus Granberg and Laurence Crane, though the same could hardly be said of Morton Feldman).

I have no idea where this recent shift in my musical tastes will take me, but I have realised that it only makes sense to spend all my spare time running a CD label if the label’s output follows closely the mutations in my taste. So apologies to anyone who wishes that Another Timbre was still releasing mostly textural improv, but I’m afraid that the label’s recent engagement with experimental tonalities is set to continue for the time being at least. Whether this is an individual journey, or a small part of a wider trend within experimental music remains to be seen.

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